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Meeting of Ambassador of Tajikistan with the representative of the Ministry of Economy and Energy of Germany

A meeting between the Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to the Federal Republic of Germany Sohibnazar Gayratsho and Head of Department of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of Germany Andreas Neumann was held on 16 April 2019, where the parties exchanged their views on attracting German resources in the process of industrialization of the economy of Tajikistan.    

Introduction of modern technology on processing and storing fruits and vegetables, processing of cotton and aluminium, as well as organization of joint events with the participation of business and investment circles and interested German companies were among the issues considered by the parties.

The Ambassador of Tajikistan expressed appreciation as regards the level of cooperation between the experts in the field of implementation of economic assessment of natural resources, and having taken into account the efforts of the Government of Tajikistan aimed at developing export production, encouraged the German party to contribute to the improvement of conditions of metrological labs and research centres in Tajikistan, as well as training of specialists of this sphere.  

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