Economic cooperation

09.12.2019 14:21

Economic cooperation

Despite the huge opportunities available, the trade turnover between Tajikistan and Germany still needs to be increased.

According to the Statistical Agency, for the nine months of 2019, the volume of trade between Tajikistan and Germany amounted to 53,2 million US Dollars, most of which is imports to Tajikistan. Tajikistan imports electrical equipment, vehicles and spare parts for vehicles from Germany. Tajikistan's export products to Germany consist of agricultural products, cotton and the food industry.

Public and private companies have established cooperation in the production of construction materials, import of German technologies, production, and processing of construction decorative stones, processing of agricultural products.

Tajikistan and Germany are interested in the development of trade and economic relations and concrete steps are being taken in this direction. The improvement of the investment climate, the liberalization of the registration process of the company through the establishment of a "single window", the provision of tax and customs privileges are examples of the steps taken by the Republic of Tajikistan in this direction.

Joining the General system of preferences (GSP+) with the European Union gives producers, especially Tajik farmers, the opportunity to export goods and products duty-free, in this regard, to get more profit, and at the same time to represent the products of Tajikistan in Europe.

A number of projects invested by Germany in the framework of cooperation for development are aimed at creating value chains and at justifying further trade relations.

                          Cooperation in the field of energy development

Cooperation in the field of energy development, including the repair and reconstruction of the small HPP "Tajikistan" (Ok-su) in the Murghab area with a capacity of 1500 kW and the allocation of 17 million euros for the construction of the joint project of the HPP "Sebzor" within the framework of the program "Cooperation for development with Tajikistan and grant funding through financial cooperation in 2019 within the framework of the German initiative for environmental protection technologies", are the main areas of cooperation between the two countries.





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