Import-substituting industrialization. Transition to the industrial and agricultural economy

16.03.2020 08:56

 promishlennost-Tadzhikistana.jpg Despite the fact that Tajikistan has achieved a constant economic growth of 6-7.5% over the last 6 years, its economy remains dependent on a number of external factors, those factors that are strongly affected by the coronavirus crisis. Tajikistan imports more than it exports. In order to change this situation, the Tajik government has declared industrialization as its fourth strategic objective. The program for accelerated industrialization of the Republic of Tajikistan for the period 2020-2025 was adopted recently. The program is intended to contribute to the production and processing of import substitution goods and to promote domestic production. In addition to ensuring a sustainable supply, the country wants to export competitive goods abroad. Overall, the country hopes to import up to 1 billion less somoni annually by implementing this program. This goal must be achieved by introducing the latest technology, expanding the energy sector and processing the raw materials. Stronger governance, thoroughgoing legal protection and combating bureaucracy are declared goals. Tajikistan is prepared to cooperate with Germany in the implementation of this program:

- Further training of Tajik specialists from the industrial sectors, light and food, energy and construction industry.

- Willingness to establish mutually advantageous joint enterprises in the fields of food and textile processing, etc.

Opportunities for possible cooperation continue to exist in the field of pharmaceuticals due to the existing natural resources and medicinal plants. Currently, local companies produce over 250 different medicines, dressing materials, hygienic articles and food supplements. By expanding this industry, the country could cover not only its own needs but also export abroad. Introduction of packaging machines, process plants for the production of organic drugs to special drugs, production of vegan and vegetarian food, marketing of medicinal plants, fortified food, children's food could be the new fields of German-Tajik cooperation.




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