Covid-19 Mission of the Polish medical team in Tajikistan

15.06.2020 16:44

In cooperation with the WHO, Tajikistan is actively collaborating with other countries to combat the new coronavirus. Since the outbreak, Tajik doctors have been exchanging views and experiences with their colleagues from abroad. In the meantime, virologists, doctors and experts from various countries around the world have visited Tajikistan.

A top-class team of doctors from Poland has been in Tajikistan for the last four weeks. During the mission, they visited a number of medical facilities in cities and districts of the country, familiarized themselves with their activities and held constructive discussions with Tajik doctors about alternative methods of treating coronavirus patients. Tajik doctors were also enthusiastic about the new preventive methods, diagnosis and treatment of the patients.

Such international exchanges are important in the fight against the unknown virus and provide relevant information for the production of suitable vaccines.






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