Kurushi Kabir (Cyrus the Great) - the founder of a civilized state

07.12.2020 09:21

Kurushi Kabir (Cyrus the Great) - the founder of a civilized state

(date of birth: around. 600 Y. BC. date of death: Y. BC.)

Kurushi-Kabir-2-docx-1.jpg  In the history of each nation, sooner or later, there will appear outstanding personalities who will radically change its image, bring its material and spiritual culture to a pure and high level of development, bring its culture and civilization to the world arena. For the Persians (and perhaps not only for them but for all Iranian peoples as well) such a man was Cyrus the Great. Cyrus the Great has based the first civilized Aryan Empire which had no analogs in the history of human civilization before Alexander Great’s conquest. According to inscriptions and historians of Ancient Greece, his empire has united some countries of the ancient world - Persia, Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Philia, Lydia and Urartu, Parthia, Hyrcania, Bactria, Sogd and other 22 provinces in three continents - Asia. Europe and Africa. In the history of human civilization, Cyrus was known for its prudent policy, creating a powerful and centralized Aryan Empire, a new method of government and reforming the army, expanding trade, and road building in particular. Cyrus the Great was one of the wisest, most honest, humblest and farsighted kings of the ???, who gained world prestige with his civilization, nation-building, humanism, justice and morality. In those distant times, our ancestors under the flag/ensign of Cyrus the Great built not only a powerful and centralized common state but also a common destiny, common history and culture, common language and writing, common tradition emanating from the origins of Aryan civilization.



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