Ismoil Somon

07.12.2020 10:11

Ismoil Somoni - Great and wise politian


Ismoili-Somoni-04-08-2020-17-02.jpgA thousand hundred years ago, the noble Tajik people, under the leadership of the great leader Ismoil Somoni, embarked on the path of an amazing national and cultural revival and achieved world-famous and priceless historical success. After 1100 years of pivot of history, we, Tajiks again are facing with the task of taking our rightful place in the world community.

This great politician paid special attention to artwork and upgrading as well as improvement of life and the well-being of people, urban, science, and culture development. Ismoil Somoni showed commitment to the most important pillar of the Aryan state - the responsibility of the state to provide the necessary conditions for the development of the country.

It was the Samanids who managed to lay the foundations for the revival of the nation and culture, preserve the native language as the apple of their eye, and protect national identity and cultural values. Today the culture and civilization of the Samanids dynasty is not only the historical heritage of the Tajik people but the peoples of Central Asia and the world as well.

Samanids political leaders made a great contribution to the revival of culture and civilization as well as to confer the status of the state language to the Tajik language. The emergence of the world-famous Tajik language is inextricably linked with the efforts and activities of this state and its wise intellectuals. During this period Rudaki's poetry gained worldwide fame, and the noble poets Abu Mansur Dakiki, Abushakuri Balkhi, Shahidi Balkhi, Kisai Marvazi and others wrote their great works. Abulkasim Firdavsi turned to writing his eternal masterpiece - "Shоhnоma". The unprecedented development of medicine, historiography, geography, natural sciences, philosophy and Islamic sciences are mostly the products of this state. The scientific creativity of Shaykhurrais Abu Ali ibn Sino and scientist Abu Raikhan Beruni was formed during the Samanids period and gave rise to world scientific masterpieces. The revival of the Tajik civilization, the development of which trace back to the period of the Samanids and the ancient cities of Bukhara and Samarkand, amazed the world with its valuable and unique cultural achievements. This period sanctified the path not only of the Aryan people to science and knowledge but also of the entire culture-loving society.

In a difficult and fateful period for the country, we raise a monument of Amir Ismoil Somoni in the center of the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. This monument, of course, was not built to worship the ancestors, but to serve as a historical reminder and to have respect for the leader of the Tajik people, Ismoil Somoni.

A group of alpinists from the different countries conquered one of the highest peaks of the Pamirs and raise an eternal monument to Ismail Samani. This highest peak of Tajikistan was named after the great leader of nation Ismaili Somoni.



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