Nosiri Khusrav is a great eloquent and thinker.

07.12.2020 14:58

Nosiri Khusrav is a great eloquent and thinker.

(28 August 1004 - 1088)

Nosiri-KHusrav-04-08-2020-17-11.jpgNosiri Khusrav Kubodiyoni is one of those great personalities of culture and wisdom of the Tajik people, who devoted his whole life to self-knowledge, praising national and patriotic pride, and freeing foreigners from oppression, superstition, and other negative incidents.

Truly, as a patriot, liberal, and humane person, he has the highest respect for an enlightened and patriotic personality and sought patriotism to the last breath of his life. This great poet and thinker have left valuable scientific and literary works behind, including "Jome ul Hikmatain", "Kushoish va Rahoish", "Safarnoma" and "Devoni Ash'or".

His childhood and youth were spent in Shahri Tusa, Tahti Kubod, Tahti Sangin, Kalai Mir, Kaykubodshakh, the ancient settlement of Kayonion and ancient Bactria, located on the territory of modern Tajikistan. His love for his ancestral land played a huge role in shaping his patriotic and independent ideas. At the same time, he honed his natural poetic talent in the literary school of Rudaki and other speakers of the Samanid Dynasty, he enjoyed the originality of his native language and the high culture of his people.

 Nosiri Khusrav, as well as Firdousi, praised his wisdom and blogging. Wisdom in the work of this great thinker is equal to faith, religion, purity and chastity. He considers man the ultimate goal of creating the universe, and wisdom and knowledge the main means of human self-knowledge.



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