06.04.2021 17:24

6164l4VyzfL-SL1100.jpgTin is one of the major metals of Central and Southern Tajikistan, such as in Pamir. The most significant deposits of this raw material - Mushkistonskiy, is located in the Zarafshan Valley, near the existing gold mill, previously explored. For this type of deposit a sulphide mineralization that does not have a close spatial association with the manifested in the granitic intrusion. Mine ore-hosting structures are extended up to several hundred meters of vein - parallel mineralized zones in which cores perform a series of closely spaced cracks. Ore veins and veinlets are complex mineral composition and are composed of quartz with arsenopyrite, cassiterite, stannite, granitoid intrusions. The length of the mineralized structures varies from 80 to 500 meters. The tin content of ores ranges from a few tenths to a few percent. The ore bodies are vein-like and stock-type linearly stretched steeply dipping formations of quartz- cassiterite- gidrostannat - varlamovite composition.

The quality and quantity of the ore deposit, the location of objects in a favorable geographical and economic conditions, the positive feasibility study make this attractive for the organization on its basis of the field of mining production.




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