06.04.2021 17:55

jqaqaq.jpgIn the seventies of the last century an important economic sector of non-ferrous metals - aluminum industry - Tajik aluminum plant TadAz was created in Tajikistan. The new powerful power plants have been built in the country. However, the issue of the local resources portfolio of this plants is not solved. Annually the country buys hundreds of thousands of tons of alumina from other CIS countries. In order to ensure significant needs of TadAz in alumina in the 70s of the last century, there was previously explored deposits of nepheline syenite Turpi with reserves of more than 300 million tons of ore, located 350 km east of running aluminum plant. In 1972, the All-Union Aluminium-Magnesium Institute made a report on the feasibility of industrial development of the Turpi deposit. The feasibility report was based on technological scheme of processed nephelinic syenite of Armenia, developed by its Academy of science and a number of other academic institutions of the former Soviet Union. The possibility of obtaining a concentrate by the methods of chemical enrichment and sintering was established. Near the Turpinsky nepheline syenite deposit, the Gandzhinsky marble deposit has been explored, which are necessary for alumina production.

However, the issue of involving this deposit in production and providing TadAZ with local raw materials has not yet been removed from the agenda. Thus, the Main department of geology proceeds extensive work on the creation of raw material portfolio for the Aluminium company and porcelain factory, which is located nearby.   

To this end, the agenda was again raised to the question of studying the objects of bauxite occurrences and other high-alumina rocks identified in previous years, mothballed due to the absence of a technological processing work for these rocks into alumina, the development of a new technological scheme for processing ores of the Turpinsky deposit and a modern feasibility study of the feasibility of organizing deposits of Turpi.



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