Rock salt

07.04.2021 09:23

Vose deposit is located 2.3 km far from the village of Vose in the immediate vicinity of the Vose salt factory. The field is at the northern part of the salt mountains of stock Khoja Mumin, inferred resources of which are estimated at multi-billion tons. The deposit area is 0,6 km2. The total thickness of the rock salt strata is up to 180 m. The content of NaCl, as a whole for the deposit, ranges from 49, 89 to 91, 41%. The content of insoluble residue in salt is on average 4.7%.

The Khoja-Mumin rock salt deposit is located in close proximity to the regional center of the Moscow region and is the southern end of the Khoja-Mumin salt dome. The thickness of rock salt within the deposit ranges from 58 to 249 m. The deposit has recorded about 160 springs flowing from the strata of rock salt. It was found that the salt may be used for food after processing.

Kamyshkurgan rock salt deposit is located in the Asht district of the Sughd region. The reserves, calculated for the south-western section, are more than 558 million tons. A salt plant operates on the basis of the deposit.

The discovered salt reserves will allow the existing salt enterprises to plan the work on the extraction of raw materials and producing the final product for another hundred years. The total salt reserves are huge and the prospects for exploration, production and development are promising.



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