07.04.2021 09:31

On the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan phosphates are associated with clastic - carbonate formation of Middle Eocene age in the foothills of the northern slope of the Turkestan in Panjakent trough in the south- western spurs of the Hissar, in the south -Tajik depression, on the southern dive Bobotagskiy range. In total, about 30 deposits and manifestations of phosphorites have been identified and studied to different extents.

Sufficiently studied phosphorite deposit is Rivatskoe, which is located on the right side of the river Zeravshan. The average content of P2O5 is 5%, the length of the layers is 22 km, the average thickness is 6.3 m. The balance sheet includes 22 million tonnes of ore, forecasted reserves - 60 million tonnes. The phosphorites of the Rivat deposit contain various elements - micronutrient fertilizers and are weakly cemented sandstones and are easily enriched. Technological research has proven the possibility of obtaining phosphate rock and superphosphate from them.



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