The business portal "B2B"

10.06.2021 12:25

1161659.png Within the framework of the 300-day reform plan, the State Unitary Enterprise "Tajinvest" under the State Committee for Investment and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan developed an online Business to Business Portal ( which is aimed to present products and find business partners and foreign investors.

The main goal of the Portal is to provide business entities with guidelines and information about how to conduct business and investments in Tajikistan. The Entrepreneurial Interactive Portal (B2B) is a platform for searching, selling, and collaboration between companies. The portal provides the necessary information on business and investment climate, activities of domestic and foreign companies, and their products in Tajikistan. The information on the portal is available in Tajik, Russian, and English.

The portal is the gateway to the world of global trade relations, which in its turn consists of many websites. It serves as a place to access information available on the Internet and websites that help users to find the information they need.

The business portal provides new opportunities for finding new partners, doing business in the country and abroad. At the same time, it transparently presents the economic situation in the country to investors and serves as business guidance on investment opportunities of Tajikistan.




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