The exhibition of museums` collections of Tajikistan to be held in Paris

12.10.2021 17:56


The exhibition of historical collections entitled "Tajikistan - the Land of Golden Rivers" will be held at the Guimet Museum in Paris from October 13, 2021 to January 10, 2022. More than 210 exhibits of the Tajik National Museum and the National Museum of Archaeology of Tajikistan, most of which have never been exhibited outside of Tajikistan, will decorate the halls of this famous museum in Paris for three months. The list of exhibits was compiled by the experts of both countries.

The Guimet Museum is one of the largest museums of Asian art that is located outside of Asia. It is the largest European collection of artifacts of Eastern culture and civilization, brought from China, Japan, India and Korea over the years. The history of the museum began when the French traveller Emile Guimet, who had a great interest in the culture and civilization of other nations, established a small cultural institution on the basis of his personal collection of oriental arts.

The National Museum of Tajikistan is the main place of monuments and cultural collections of the country. It was founded on August 12, 1934, and gained national status on November 27, 1999. In 2013, the museum moved to a new building, built in accordance with international standards, with an area of 24 thousand square meters. Currently, the museum consists of 22 small and large exhibition halls. In particular, the department presents nature, ancient and medieval, modern and contemporary history, fine and applied arts. Last year, the tourist portal TurStat included the National Museum of Tajikistan in the top ten museums of Russia and the CIS for visits and virtual tours. The exhibition area of the National Museum of Tajikistan is 15 thousand square meters. The new museum has more than 50,000 exhibits.

The National Museum of Archaeology of Tajikistan was established in 2001 on the basis of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan named after A. Donish. The basis of the

Museum's exhibition consists of the materials obtained by archaeological expeditions of the Institute over the sixty years. The collection includes about five thousand of unique samples of ceramics, stone and metal products, jewellery, household items, sculpture and art. Also, there are rare items made of gold such as coins in the Golden Warehouse of the museum. Tens of thousands of gold, silver, bronze and copper coins are kept here.

The exhibition will be held at the National Museum of Oriental Art for three months. It provides a good opportunity to present the Tajik rich and ancient culture, as well as develop and strengthen the cultural ties between the two countries. Prior to the pandemic, more than 85 million foreign tourists visited France each year. The Tajik exhibition can contribute to the increase of the number of tourists from France and other European countries to Tajikistan.




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