10.11.2021 17:20

The hot spring Garm-Chashma (translated from Tajik as "hot spring") is located at an altitude of 2325 m above sea level, on the western slope of the Shahdarya ridge. The source is more than one thousand years old. Mineral water comes to the surface from deep depths, in the form of gushing small and large jets with a height of 10 cm to 1.5 m.

According to physical and chemical properties, the water of the Garm-Chashma spring belongs to hydrogen sulfide-carbonic, chloride-hydro carbonate, sodium-siliceous terms. The average water temperature is 59 0 С.

The water contains the most valuable minerals such as magnesium, fluorine, iron, aluminum, strontium. All these substances are biological stimulants and increase the balneological values of the water.

A favourable climate in combination with hydrotherapy gives a good result in healing some diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, musculoskeletal system, as well as skin and gynaecological diseases.

The hot spring, as a rather rare phenomenon in nature, has long attracted the attention of the local population, who were treated in its waters, received healing, or at least relief from their illnesses.  Hence came the definition of Garm-Chashma as a holy source. At the end of the 19th century, the local residents built altars here - small niches in the rock next to the place where the water comes to the surface, in which various sacred objects lay and a lamp burned.





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