Tajik National Park

10.11.2021 17:34

The Tajik National Park in the Pamirs is considered the most important eco-tourism destination in the country. The wild and untouched nature, rich flora and fauna, vivid mountain peaks attract tourists from all over the world. Animals and birds are preserved here, as well as many plants, classified as endangered species. In the park itself you can find several of the highest mountain peaks.

In addition, one of the largest sites for mountain alpinism and mountain tourism - the Fedchenko glacier - with an area of over seven hundred km2 can be found on the territory of the nature preserve. Moreover, these places are of special interest not only to tourists, but also to historians, because back in the old days the Great Silk Road - one of the largest and most famous caravans in history ran through this territory. The Pamir Mountains are a place of numerous historical monuments and natural sights. Curies travellers can visit rock art sites dating back to the Stone Age, the ancient town of Bazar-Dara, as well as two historic fortresses - Yachmun and Kaakha.

Today, the park is listed as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Moreover, the Pamir Mountains represent the main attraction of modern Tajikistan.



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