The Fann Mountains

11.11.2021 12:09

It is a marvellous region, situated at the junction of two great mountain ranges: the Pamir-Alai and Gissar.

Here the travellers enjoy the turquoise and emerald lakes, glaciers and violent rivers, mountain gorges and passes.

Thanks to good transport accessibility (Samarkand in Uzbekistan is nearby), the Fann Mountains are a popular destination for trekking, eco-tourism and extreme sports. The weather here is warm and stable.

The Fann Mountains are an amazing and most popular tourist area in Tajikistan. There are few places in the world with more than 30 mountain lakes and a dozen mountain peaks above 5,000 metres on a relatively small territory (approximately 650 sq km). Picturesque valleys of Zindon and Archamaidan, fabulous beauty of Big Allo Lake surrounded by vertical rocks, very beautiful Kulikalon, Alaudin, Marguzor lakes, legendary Lake Iskanderkul, amazing waterfalls, peaks of Chimtarg, Energiya, Chapdara, Big Ganza attract trekkers and mountain climbers from around the world. Flowing streams of the purest rivers, soft carpets of grass underfoot, bottomless sky without a single cloud, which is simply impossible to look at without amazement and admiration, especially, if all this is emphasized by a unique palette of numerous lakes and the majesty of the surrounding mountain peaks with white collared snow tuxedos will always stay in memories of tourists.

Administratively, the Fan Mountains are located in the Penjikent and Aininsky districts of the Sughd region of Tajikistan. The nearest large city to the region is Penjikent, located 80 km from the popular Artuch alpine camp. Near the Alaudin lakes, there is another popular stationary alpinist camp "Vertical". Due to the closure of the Jartepa border post between Samarkand and Penjikent, the Fan Mountains can be reached from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) through the Uzbek-Tajik international border point Oybek, or from the Tajik cities of Khujand or Dushanbe, where you can fly by plane.
Apart from the fantastic mountain landscapes, the popularity of the Fann Mountains is also promoted by the mild climate with excellent, stable and sunny weather in the summer. On average, only 250 mm of precipitation falls here per year. The best time to travel and relax in the Fan Mountains is from July to September.

In total, there are nine peaks in the Fan Mountains that exceed an altitude of 5000 meters above sea level. The highest point of the region is the Chimtarga peak (5489m). Other five-thousanders - Big Ganza (5306m), Bodkhona peak (5138m), Mirali peak (5132m), Chapdara peak (5050m), Energia peak (5120m), Zamok peak (5070m), Malaya Ganza peak (5031m), Moscow peak (5046m).

The real adornment of the Fan Mountains are the lakes (there are about 30 of them here), contrasting with the harsh ridges and peaks. The origin of the lakes is different: some of them were formed as a result of blockages of narrow mountain valleys (Iskanderkul, Bolshoye Allo, Marguzor lakes), others are of glacial origin (Kulikalon, Alaudin, Mutny, Piala, Zierat and Chukurak lakes). The source of almost all the lakes of the Fann Mountains is rivers.

The largest rivers are the Fandarya in the east with the tributaries Pasrud, Yagnob, Iskanderdarya; and Kshtutdarya, formed as a result of the confluence of the Archa-Maidan, Sarymat, Amshut and Artuch rivers in the western part of the Fan Mountains. Summer water temperature in rivers is 5 - 10 degrees. By the end of summer, the rivers become shallow. Usually, for tourist groups crossings in the Fan Mountains are not difficult.

Fan Mountains are a “Mecca” for alpinists - rock climbers, conquerors of “big walls”. The championship of Russia in the class of technical ascents is held here annually. And rock routes to the peaks of Bodkhona (5138m), Parandas, Adamtash (4700m), Zamok (5070m), Zindon (4800m), Maria (4970m), Mirali (5120m), Chapdara (5050m), Dukdon (4896m), Sugar Loaf ( 4971m), Rock wall (4800m) is not inferior in complexity to the famous walls of Aksu-Karavshinsky region in Kyrgyzstan.

The Fan Mountains are also good because, during the day on trekking, tourists can climb the nearby peaks that are not technically difficult, such as four-thousand: Snake (4150m), Physical Culture and Sports (4120m), Gratuleta (4230m), Chinal with a spur Fagitor (3900m), Payhamber (4958m) Fluorite (3450m), Ruzeravat (3700m) and others, and even five-thousandth peaks: Zamok peak (5070m), Energia peak (5120m), from where fantastic mountain panoramas open up.

The local population are Tajiks, the overwhelming majority of them live the old-style life, observing grandfather's traditions and customs. The cordiality and hospitality with which they treat tourists is simply amazing. Tourists can mingle with shepherds grazing cattle in the Kulikalon Basin, the Amshut River Valley, near Lake Chukurak, drink tea and fresh yoghurt in their primitive summer camps. Most of the routes pass through the classic Tajik mountain villages (Yakkakhona, Zimtut, Guitan, Sarytag, Shing, etc.), where tourists can get acquainted with real-life and centuries-old traditions.




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