12.11.2021 17:31

Sarazm is the first World Heritage Site in Tajikistan. This is a settlement with a history of five and a half thousand years, located 15 km west of the regional center of Penjikent on the left bank of the Zeravshan River. Well-preserved palace and religious buildings, public and residential buildings are of great historical and cultural value. The name "Sarazm" comes from the ancient Tajik word "sarizamin" (beginning of the Earth).

Sarazm is the cradle of the civilization of the Tajik people. In distant historical times, our ancestors - the Aryans and Sogds were the first in the Mediterranean to introduce the culture of agriculture, cattle breeding and urban planning here. Gold, silver, bronze, tin and other minerals began to be mined in the depths of the Zeravshan and Turkestan mountains.

Our glorious ancestors taught the peoples of Central Asia and its environs the subtleties of town planning, workmanship and crafts, trade, science and culture. Sarazm is one of the first monuments of the Aryan era, which is a unique example of this civilization in Sughd.

Sarazm is a unique monument that has embodied various cultural ties and relations between the populations of the Eneolithic and the Bronze Age, and precisely taking into account its historical significance in 2010, it was included in the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage.



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