Haftkul (seven lakes)

15.11.2021 12:01

In the west of Tajikistan, near the town of Penjikent, there is a beautiful natural complex called Haftkul (the Seven Lakes), which amazes everyone with its rich and ever-changing color of the water. Haftkul is translated from Tajik as Seven Lakes. Each lake has its own name: the lowest and first lake, which is usually the starting point, is Nezhigon, then Soya, Gushor, Nofin, Khurdak, the largest Marguzor, and the last Khazorchashma.

Seven lakes are located in the Fan Mountains, in the Shing River gorge. The lowest is located at an altitude of 1640 meters above sea level, and the last at around 2400 meters. The total height difference is 760 meters, and the distance between the extreme lakes is more than 14 km, but a unsurfaced automobile road passes through all seven lakes, and the ascent along the serpentines, excluding stops, will take no more than an hour. All lakes, except for the last Khazorchashma, belong to the dammed type of lakes, and appeared due to the descent of rocks in a narrow gorge. Ancient petroglyphs found on the shore of one of them indicate that the lakes are quite old.



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