15.11.2021 13:51

Childukhtaron is an amazing place in the Muminabad region. The name is translated as "Forty girls". There is a legend according to which 40 boulders, located one after another, were once 40 pretty girls who lived a carefree life. But when the cruel invaders came and wanted to make them concubines, the girls began to pray to God for salvation. They saw the only salvation in the transformation into silent blocks of stone. Locals from time to time decorate these blocks with flowers and ribbons.

This is a very beautiful place that is popular among both tourists and local people. More than 60 species of flora grow here, 22 of which are included in the "Red Data Books" of the countries of Central Asia. In particular, many types of medicinal plants can be found here. But the most important thing is the gorgeous view!

The journey to Childukhtaron is not particularly difficult, but one way trip will take about five hours.

You can first take a taxi to Kulyab, then to the center of Muminabad district. To drive further, you need a jeep or an all-terrain vehicle, which is worth renting for the whole day.

The most convenient and budgetary option is to go with activists from the group “Hiking in the mountains. Tajikistan". Usually, the hiking season to this place opens in the fall, but you can also find people who wish to go there in the summer as well.

There is a new hotel near Childukhtaron. There is also an option to take tents and sleeping bags with you for a sleepover.



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