Chiluchor chashma

16.11.2021 15:30

Chiluchor chashma is an amazing place in the south of Tajikistan, the Shakhritus region. 44 springs with clear, clean fresh water beat continuously from the dune, merge into rivulets, and then into one stream, which, after running a little, disappears into nowhere.

The place is considered sacred, as each spring carries water with its own composition of minerals and salts. And where all the streams merge, there is a place for swimming. On the shores of the water oasis are shops, cafes, recreation areas and etc. Regular sanitary inspections, a doctor and nursing staff are present daily, performing also the duties of a nutritionist. Fish of stunning size and exotic plants live in the water.

Like every historical place, the springs also have their own legend. It says that the Caliph named Ali, having discovered the dry river Romit, arrived in Chiluchor Chashma to pray to God for the granting of water to them. He hit the foot of the hill with his fingers, and from there the purest spring water immediately flowed.

Since then, this legendary place has become a must-have stopping point for pilgrims. Here they perform prayers, ablutions and offer sacrifices. Bathing in the springs is also practiced. The water of some of them is defined as healing. It is cold and tastes good.

It is believed that the water from 17 springs is healthful. Each of them has its own name and healing property:

Ashmai muin – for hair loss;
Khuni Bini - for nosebleeds;
Chashmai Moron, Khunukzadagon - for snake bites and inflammations;
Ustuhondard - for bone diseases;
Tablarza - for malaria;
Shifo - healing;
Fishori Khun - for hypertonia;
Sardard - for headaches;
Pesho - for psoriasis;
Murod - for depression;
Befarzand – for infertility;

Gurda - for kidney disease;

Dilu Chigar - for heart and liver diseases;
Devonaho - for mental illness;
Chashmu Gush - for eyes and ear diseases;
Khorish - for scabies.

You can get there by minibus Shaartuz - Chiluchor Chashma, departure from the bus station of the Shaartuz village.



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