Hissar fortress

18.11.2021 09:30

The Hissar fortress is considered one of the most famous historical buildings in Central Asia, it was built 2500 years ago, the main gate was built in the 16th century by order of the Bukhara Emir.

The fortress was built entirely of baked bricks and consists of two cylindrical towers with gates and structures around the walls. It was guarded by state troops. Merchants with their caravans stopped here to summon up strength before a long journey and, of course, to trade. On the territory of the fortress, there were also educational institutions where the Koran was taught.

The nature of the Gissar Valley is also unique. The valley is surrounded on all sides by mountain peaks, which makes the climate of Gissar sharply continental. It is quite cold here in winter and hot in summer. Such rivers as Shirkent, Kafirnigan, and Karatag flow through the valley.

Favorable weather conditions and fertile soil allow local residents to actively engage in agriculture. Cotton, sesame, wheat, as well as almost all types of vegetables and fruits are grown here, and about 70% of the republic's grapes are produced. The climate of the valley with its mountainous landscapes creates a unique view that amazes the imagination. Thus, the residents began actively developing tourism: they built resorts, hotels, and sanatoriums.



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