22.12.2021 10:00

51759985247-d4a297e1ec-o.jpgOn December 21, 2021, Founder of Peace and National Unity - the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon addressed the Majlisi Oli of the Republic of Tajikistan. Having defined the main directions of the country's domestic and foreign policy for the coming periods, the President of the country set specific tasks for the profitable promotion of foreign policy and ensuring the development of the spheres of economy, industry, energy, transport, security and defense, protection of rights and order, health, culture, science and education, social protection of the population, youth, sports and tourism. The Head of State and the Government strive to create decent living conditions for every citizen of the country, therefore all plans and programs are adopted and implemented precisely for the sake of reaching this goal. Despite the accomplishments and achievements made so far, the Government of the country is obliged to further prioritize the greater diversity and competitiveness of the national economy, wider digitalization, "green economy", intensive industrialization, application of innovative technologies and human development, and ensure the sustainable and qualitative national economic development.

Thus, it is important to ensure at least 7% of annual GDP growth and to double the GDP per capita during the next 5 years, given the increase of population to 11 million. In addition, establish more than 870 industrial enterprises, reach the industrial output of TJS 95 billion and double its exports.

Given the great importance of industry in the country’s further development, Head of the State proposed to declare 2022-2026 as the Years of Industrial Development. In this period, the creation of more than 500 thousand new jobs, doubling of the population’s income, increase of the share of the middle class to 45%, and eventually reduction of the poverty rate to 15% are needed.

Emomali Rahmon stressed that the Government always attaches great importance to the development of education, as well as training and upbringing of the young generation. To this end, over the next five years, more than 1000 educational facilities should be built and put into operation at all levels of education.

The President of the country expressed confidence that in virtue of implementation of the major projects on construction and restoration of energy facilities in the country, the country’s energy capacity will increase to 10 000 MWt and thereby achieve one of the strategic goals of the State-absolute energy independence in the next 7 years.

Taking into account the global climate change and the need to develop green energy, the Government should adopt the Republic of Tajikistan’s Green Economy Strategy by the end of 2022 and ensure its implementation. It is also crucial to strengthen the reform in the communications sector and ensure the gradual transition to the digital economy and digital services in all areas in an effort to rationally digitalize the national economy and form its technological base. 

The President stressed that addressing the social issues in a timely manner and creating conditions for a decent life, particularly through regularly creating new jobs, increasing the population’s income, salaries, pensions and stipends are among the priority issues for this period. He emphasized that this is the current reality and demand.



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