Meeting of Tajik Ambassador and Minister of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan

22.04.2021 15:40

On April 21, the Ambassador of Tajikistan met with the Minister of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan Muhammadharon Jahansuri.

The issues of expansion of cooperation between the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, the Main Department of Geology of Tajikistan and the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan in the field of efficient use of energy resources, minerals, oil and gas, precious stones and exchange of experience have been discussed.

The Ambassador stressed that we aim to establish extensive cooperation in the supply of oil for the Dangara Oil Refinery (with a processing capacity of 1,2 million tons of crude oil per year).

М. Jahonsuri noted that, in fact, Tajikistan is for us a country of sincere friends and brothers, and we are ready to cooperate in all areas of our subordination.

The issue of training specialists in the field of exploration and mining was also discussed during the meeting.





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