Meeting of the Ambassador with the Minister of Industry and Commerce of Afghanistan

27.04.2021 19:15

On April 27, 2021, the Ambassador of Tajikistan Sa'di Sharifi met with the Minister of Industry and Commerce of Afghanistan Nisorahmad Ghuriani.

During the meeting, the issues of expansion of bilateral cooperation in various economic, commerce, industrial, oil and gas, exploration and mining spheres have been discussed.

Н. Ghuriani stated that he intends to visit Tajikistan with a delegation of about 10 successful Afghan businessmen and hold talks with the Tajik authorities on strengthening trade relations.

The Ambassador of Tajikistan stressed that through the establishment of broad cooperation we can achieve significant success in all areas and sectors of mutually beneficial relations.

It was noted that the exploration, production and transportation of Shiberghan oil and gas (for the Dangara oil refinery) and Afghan fluoride will be beneficial for both countries and a working group should be established by the relevant authorities of countries. It was noted that the Main Department of Geology of Tajikistan has rich experience in this area and has significant technological capabilities.





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