Statement by the Tajik Foreign Ministry on continued acts of violation of the airspace of Tajikistan by Kyrgyzstan

22.09.2022 10:56

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs declares that numerous acts of violation of the airspace of the Republic of Tajikistan by unmanned aerial vehicles flying from the territory of Kyrgyzstan continue.

Thus, on September 21, from 7:14 pm to 10:46pm, Kyrgyz UAVs flying over the cities of Isfara, Kanibadam, and Devashtich, Jabbor Rasulov, Bobojon Gaffurov, Lakhsh, Rasht and Murghab districts of the Republic of Tajikistan were observed. Kyrgyz UAVs have also been spotted over the Tajik frontier posts of Rosrovut, Muryak and Nurobod.

We regard such provocative actions of the Kyrgyz side as a serious violation of all agreements and encroachment on the territory of a sovereign state.

The Tajik side demands that the Kyrgyz side immediately stop violating the airspace of the Republic of Tajikistan. Otherwise, the Tajik side will regard the situation as preparation for the next aggression by Kyrgyzstan, the responsibility for which will lie with the Kyrgyz side.





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