“Small business - unifier of Germany and Nowruz countries“ Consideration of economic cooperation of Tajikistan and Germany in Nowruz Economic Forum

28.03.2019 22:33

On 26 March 2019, in Hamburg, with the initiative of the Embassy of Tajikistan in Germany and the Honorary Consulate of Tajikistan in Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein, the Nowruz Economic Forum was held. 

 In this Forum entitled “Small business - unifier of Germany and Nowruz countries” politicians, entrepreneurs, guarantors of export credits, researchers and media representatives exchanged their views on developing economic cooperation between Germany and countries of Central Asia.  In the second part of the Forum, with the collaboration of German Committee on Eastern Economy, a round table with experts and representatives of small business, insurance companies and experts dealing with import of agricultural products was organized.  

The Ambassador of Tajikistan in Germany Sohibnazar Gayratsho encouraged participants of the Forum to participate in international events and economic forums to be held in Tajikistan during this year and establish close contacts as well as identify concrete areas of cooperation.

During the cultural program of the Forum, a special concert with Tajikistan musicians and artists was held. Also, the Embassy has decorated a cultural corner with national and traditional items and presented to participants various tourist and promotional materials.

It is worth mentioning that business circles of Germany are interested in developing economic contacts with Tajikistan based on concrete proposals from entrepreneurs and Tajik business.