Ancient Nawruz came to the country of the Pharaohs

20.03.2019 15:00

On March 20, 2019 in one of the hotels of the Egyptian capital overlooking the eternal river Nile, the Embassy of Tajikistan hosted an official reception on the occasion of Nawruz. Members of the Egyptian parliament, representatives of various ministries and departments, media and business communities, cultural and art figures of the host country, as well as foreign ambassadors and members of the Tajik community in Egypt attended that event.

Ambassador of Tajikistan in Cairo Khusrav Noziri after congratulating guests on the occasion of arrival of Nawruz made a presentation where he spoke about origins, messages and high values of this ancestral festivity marking the first day of spring and the renewal of nature, a tradition that dates back thousands of years. He stressed that Nawruz signifies a new beginning and it is also a festival that is filled with hope. The reception hall has been decorated with the famous symbols of Nawruz, in particular the large "Haft Sin" table. Besides a brochure dedicated to the Nawruz holiday containing an article by the well-known Tajik scholar Akbar Turson entitled "The Culture of Nawruz and the Ideals of the United Nations" has been presented to the guests of the festive event.

The celebration of Nawruz in Cairo has vividly demonstrated to the Egyptian society and the guests of the event the eternal and inseparable connection between the Tajik culture and Nawruz. Happy Nawruz to everyone!