Procedure of issuing of visa (standard)

14.03.2022 10:34


What is a visa about?

A visa is a conditional authorization granted to a foreigner or a stateless person with the aim to cross the state border, enter, remain ,leave and to transit within the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan during the validity period of the issued visa.

What is the difference between the visa and electronic visa?

The visa is issued in a form of special sticker with protection features to prevent forgery, which is attached to a special visa page in passport or other corresponding documents. Such category of visa is called a standard or sticker visa. Starting from January 1, 2017 henceforth, the Republic of Tajikistan launched an electronic information network system for visa application. You can obtain a standard visa by filling up your applications at

To hinder any misunderstanding, we are to inform you that the electronic visa processing system in Tajikistan is not associated with the system of Tajikistan electronic visa processed at which is a single and multiple entry visa issued for 90 days, and its holder is not entitled stay for more than 60 days in Tajikistan commencing from the date of arrival. The electronic visa is not subject to extension in exception to unprecedented force-majeure cases.

For obtining a visa (standard) please visit the official wabpage of "Visa Electronic Application Center".



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