Unveiling of the Leader of the nation's book in Tehran

05.12.2019 22:17

On December 4, this year in Tehran, the inauguration ceremony of the Book of the Founder of National Peace and Unity, the Leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, H.E. Mr. Emomali Rahmon, "The Language of the Nation – the being of the Nation," which was initiated by the Embassy of Tajikistan in Iran in cooperation with the Saadi Foundation of Iran translated to persian and published in "Silent" publications with 2200 copies. The Ambassador and representatives of international and regional Embassies and organizations residing in Tehran participated in the unveiling ceremony.

Minister of Energy and Water Resources of Tajikistan, H.E. Mr. Osmanali Osmanzoda, Minister of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, H.E. Mr. Reza Ardakanian, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, Head of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Mr. Haddad Adel, Head of the Scientific and Research Foundation " Endowments of Afshar, Mr. Mohaghegh Damad, famous Iranian scholars Asghar Dadbeh, Ali Dehbashi, and Hassan Gharibi (translator of the book in Persian) emphasized in their lectures that the book "Language of the Nation-Being of the Nation" is devoted to the study of linguistic history, which is shared by Tajikistan, Iran and Afghanistan, the peoples of these countries regard this language as a source of pride in their knowledge of science, culture, poetry and speech.. Therefore, this book, which is written on the latest advances in Tajikology, is also valuable and important to Iranian and Afghan scholars.

In lectures, the author's thoughts, H.E. Mr. Emomali Rahmon on the issue of the identity and existential element of the language of the nation were endorsed, it was emphasized that such a great mission of preserving and preserving the national identity, culture and traditions of the Aryan tribes best served our language in the first centuries of Islam. At that time, as a result of the Islamic conquests many nations, which experienced many thousands of years of history of glorious civilization and glorious statehood, loss their native language, national and spiritual identity and the values of their government. Our ancestors embraced Islam but retained their language, culture, and national identity. It was this language that gave national identity to the Tajiks and other Aryan tribes and created a universal culture and civilization in the Samanid era.

The speakers of the presentation ceremony emphasized the instructive role of the author of the book "The Language of the Nation - the Nation's Being" in discussing the issues of Persian-Tajik language history, including the author of the book proving that in various periods of Tajik nation's history. Including, , the author of the book has shown that in various periods of the history of the Tajik nation, especially in times of political, social and cultural pressure imposed upon our nation, the Tajik language was a pillar of the national self-consciousness and historical self-consciousness of the Tajik people.. It was emphasized on this occasion that the pursuit of Tajik language freedom and independence was not the beginning of the process of restoring cultural identity and national self-awareness in Tajik society on the eve of national independence.

After gaining state independence in Tajikistan, a new era for the development of the Tajik language began, the use of the Tajik language was expanded and incorporated into the state language.

Today, the Tajik government and its leader have put the Tajik language in its political asylum, our mother language has entered the freeway of progress. In this context, the authors of the book have emphasized, "Our language is indissolubly linked to the independence of our country. That is, when our country was a free and independent country, our language has also flourished and been independent, and vice versa. "Language was one of the key drivers of independence and patriotism movements. For our ancestors, the concept of home and language has always been meaningful."

Another guiding point, which was studied and appreciated by the speakers, is the author of the book "The Language of the Nation - the Nation`s being", by H.E. Mr. Emomali Rahmon, referring to the complexity and difficulty of our ancestors' historical issues and the various opinions of scholars on them, including the issue of the place and time of the language's emergence, have emphasized that these issues should be solved in scientific circles, don`t causing separation or avoidance of peoples of the same language. The author insisting on that the consensus of scholars on the demand for Persian-Tajik language in Khorasan and Transnistria, wrote that "for our present generation it may not be much different from which region Persian, Dari or Tajik originated a thousand or two thousand years ago or which people have spoken this language before,  It is important to us that they come from a single area and faced the warmth and coldness of history together, creating a common culture and language in such a vast land. The author of book has called the our ancestral language  "the rare indivisible treasure trove", adding that it is "truly, national wealth of all the people who have nurtured, formed and completed it and kept it safe and secure throughout the event's history, and now, they talk with it today."

During the presentation, it was noted that the reader will not only learn from the history of our language, but also will read from it the message of unity and spiritual and cultural link of our ancestors. The author of the book is truly a propagandist of the deepening of the spiritual and cultural links that have come to us from the awakening of our consciousness. Therefore, they emphasize that “in this era of globalization, we must strive to strengthen our economic and political ties, to protect our cultural and linguistic independence through mutual support, and to strengthen the foundations of the nation and the country, and make it steady and strong. '

At the end of the presentation, the Ambassador of Tajikistan to Iran N. Zohidi thanked all those who contributed to the publication of the book by the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, His Excellency Emomali Rahmon "The Language of the Nation - Nation's Being". He emphasized that the book will appeal to the reader to acknowledge the dignity of the mother language, to call for protection and to protect this valuable heritage. This call is explained in the book: “Our young generation should be aware that their ancestors, in spite of the irregularities and rigors of history, have worked hard to preserve their homeland and sacredness, especially their native language. They have inherited such a valuable literary, historical and scientific heritage. It is now the duty of the successors of the language to protect this magnificent palace from the rains of globalization and to pass it on to the next generation as much as possible."

Zohidi N. noted that the people of Tajikistan accepted the invitation with all their heart and the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, His Excellency Emomali Rahmon, was recognized as a true leader of the language, spirituality and culture of the ancestors. The convincing proof of this is the book "The Nation's Language - The Nation's Being."

Publication of the Leader of the Nation's book to the Persian alphabet and its presentation ceremony has gained wide popularity in the Iranian media.