Reflection of Tajikistan's achievements in Iranian newspaper

29.02.2020 17:48

The eight-page newspaper, "Asia" in Tehran, has devoted a page of its issue to the achievements of the Republic of Tajikistan during the Independence period on February 21, 2020. In an interview of the newspaper's editor-in-chief, with H.E. Mr. Nizamiddin Zohidi – Ambassador of Tajikistan to Iran has spoken about the fulfillment of Tajikistan's three strategic goals, the Leader of nation's initiative to declare the country's fourth national goal - high-speed industrialization of the Country, Tajikistan's energy capabilities and natural resources. A Part of the published information is earmarked to reflect Tajikistan's policy on tourism development in the light of the proclamation of the years 2019-2021 as "Years of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Arts". The current situation and the prospects for Tajikistan-Iran political, economic and cultural relations have also been described in this page for the newspaper reader.