President Emomali Rahmon’s Article and Interview with Khovar in Focus of World Media

28.06.2021 13:13


DUSHANBE, 18.06.2021 (NIAT Khovar) – President Emomali Rahmon’s article “Twenty Years of the SCO: Cooperation for Stability and Prosperity” and his interview with Khovar published on June 15 on, is being widely covered by the world media.

TASS reports that President Emomali Rahmon considers it necessary to increase the interaction of the SCO member states in the energy sector.

“There is a need to increase cooperation in the industrial production and energy sectors, especially in the areas of renewable energy sources, including hydropower,” comments TASS.

President Emomali Rahmon, who is the Chairman of the Council of Heads of SCO Member States in 2021, also named strengthening the capacity and international position of the organization among the main tasks and areas of the organization’s work. According to him, the first meetings of the ministers of industry and energy of the SCO member states are scheduled to be held in Dushanbe in July and August of this year, which will lay the foundation for the creation of full-fledged mechanisms of interaction within the SCO in these areas, according to TASS news, which was reprinted by some publications, including Big Asia (website of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly) and Ritm Eurasia (expert information platform for professional communication between politicians, public figures, experts and journalists from post-Soviet states).

“Over its twenty-year history, SCO has turned into one of the most influential international organizations of a new type, into a unique regional structure that repeatedly proved its universal character in resolving topical world issues,” the Chinese state-run Xinhua news agency quotes the President of Tajikistan from his article.

The official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party People’s Daily quotes Emomali Rahmon from his article: «In the most difficult times of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic SCO member states have demonstrated their solidarity, provided effective support to each other on many problematic issues. The world has once again become convinced that the member states of the organization are committed to the values and principles of the «Shanghai Spirit.»

“We will expand our activities within the framework of the organization and strengthen our relations with its members, continue our joint activities within SCO in the field of countering modern challenges and threats, in particular, terrorism, extremism, illicit drug trafficking, and other manifestations of transnational organized crime,” People’s Daily quotes the President of Tajikistan.

The Chinese newspaper reminds that the Jubilee Summit of the Heads of SCO Member States will be held in Dushanbe on September 16-17, 2021.
Tajikistan is chairing the Council of Heads of the SCO Member States this year and in connection with the organization’s 20th anniversary gave an extensive interview to the Khovar National Information Agency, writes Kabar National News Agency.

The Kyrgyz agency also writes: “Referring to the SCO Development Strategy adopted in 2015, Emomali Rahmon noted that the SCO countries respect the right to choose the path of political, economic, social, and cultural development, considering the historical experience and national characteristics of each state, promote inter-civilizational dialogue, common peace, progress, and harmony. It also advises that they be guided by the principles of non-interference in internal affairs of states, respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the SCO member states, and refrain from supporting the use of unilateral pressures without the approval of the UN Security Council. This is one of the important points of the document.”

“President of Tajikistan, Chairman of the Council of Heads of the SCO Member States Emomali Rahmon spoke about the plans of the organization. He noted the need to increase the interaction of the SCO Member States in the energy sector,” reported the Russian Sputnik news agency referring to an interview of President Emomali Rahmon.

“Twenty Years of the SCO: Cooperation for Stability and Prosperity,” published on June 15 in Khovar, was also republished in the economic newspaper Business Kazakhstan reports.

“The President of Tajikistan offers the SCO countries to jointly use the hydropower potential of the republic,” Interfax Kazakhstan reports. It is extremely important to build up trade and economic cooperation within the SCO space amid the coronavirus pandemic, said the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon in an interview with Khovar on the occasion of the organization’s 20th anniversary,” Interfax writes.

“There is a need to increase cooperation in the industrial production and energy sectors. On June 15, Emomali Rahmon said in an interview with Khovar in honor of the SCO’s 20th anniversary,” reported the Russian news agency Krasnaya Vesna.

On June 15, UzA National News Agency of Uzbekistan posted the full text of the article. The article and interview were also posted on the official websites of the Executive Committee of the CIS and SCO.



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