Rules of Application Procedures and Issuance of Tajik Visas/Electronic Visas to Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons

25.01.2017 15:49

The Government of Tajikistan in its Session of January 24, 2017 approved the Decree of the Government of Tajikistan on the Rules of Application Procedure and Issuance of Tajik Visas/ Electronic Visas to Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons.

The objective of the new Rules is to implement the Government of Tajikistan Resolution on Establishment of Tajik Visa Electronic Information Network and to introduce electronic visa of the Republic of Tajikistan for foreign citizens and stateless persons in accordance with the Resolution №405 of June 13, 2015, and to improve the system of application and issuance of Tajik visas/electronic visas for foreign citizens and stateless persons enacted on 1 June 2016 in Tajikistan.

The approved rules are aimed at expanding the range and the system of electronic public services, improving e-visa issuance management and further development of tourism in the country.

The Tajik Electronic Information Network and Electronic Visa System has been active currently.

Electronic visa is a visa issued electronically to foreign citizens and stateless persons. The Main Consular Directorate set up a special software and website for the issuance of electronic visas. Alongside with the introduction of this system all consular offices of the Republic of Tajikistan overseas, border crossing points and passport and registration administrations of the Ministry of Interior are equipped with a special equipment and software for the control of entry/exit and stay of foreign citizens and stateless persons.

Citizens of the countries entitled to simplified visa issuance (78 countries) may apply online by submitting relevant information and making visa payment and obtain visa via e-mail.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in accordance with the instruction of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Leader of Nation, H.E. Mr Emomali Rahmon outlined in his Address to the Parliament of Tajikistan delivered in December 2016, has been making efforts to increase the number of countries entitled to simplified Tajik visa system.

In addition, this reform and the implementation of above-mentioned projects made it possible to connect all border crossing points with each other and create a unified management system. Creation of a unified system of public administration and its connection with the visa management system will contribute to strengthening the national security, preventing threats like terrorism and extremism, as well as strengthening migration management. The Electronic Information Network services level is as high as in the Schengen Visa System.

The new Rules also include a number of changes aimed at simplifying the process of obtaining Tajik visa, stay of foreign nationals and stateless persons, as well as attracting foreign investors and tourists. In particular, it includes simplified access of former citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan, the family members and close relatives of citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan for a temporary visit. In addition, flight crew members can enter and exit Tajikistan without a visa on the basis of the ICAO Universal Declaration requirements. The rules also simplified the process of application for investment visa.